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Defense Acquisition Management Institute – DAMI

The DAMI – Defense Acquisition Management Institute – was founded to accompany our partners in the professionalization of their acquisition practices in the field of armament.

The purpose of DAMI, for DCI Group, is to propose training courses covering all the competences necessary to master the armament acquisition process. These courses rely on the expertise our trainers have acquired at the DGA and on solid teaching and digital engineering.

Our training courses cover the full range of competences necessary for a military force, an acquisition agency or a manufacturer to secure its armament programmes: acquisition process, system engineering, maintenance, system design in space and aeronautics, testing and navigability in aeronautics, architecture in the naval and land sectors, command (C4I) and detection tools, pyrotechnics (missiles, explosives and ammunition security) etc.


Armament acquisition follows a complex process aimed at meeting the capability needs of the armed forces. The acquisition agency collects operational needs and specifies functional and technical requirements. It works with industry to design, produce and supply weapon systems meeting operational needs.

The agency also performs quality control throughout the process and the system’s service life. It ensures that delivered weapon systems comply with the requirements (correct performance), are reliable, available, sustainable and secure for the end users, simultaneously controlling the costs.


  • High-level instructors

Expert personnel from the French defence procurement agency (DGA), with 20 to 30 years experience.

  • Transfer of the French armed forces know-how

60 years experience in the management of major programmes in France and worldwide (export).

  • A pedagogical approach based on practice
  • Hybrid format: classroom and/or distant learning
  • Training in France or directly in the partner countries
  • “Packaged” or customised courses

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