Ammunition depot

Reference ARM-034-1222
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The training class delivers notions and basic knowledge regarding explosive safety management for an ammunition depot.

This class aims at facilitating the implementation of the main international standards and recommendations to provide the required level of explosive safety for an Armed Forces ammunition facility.

The trainees’ objectives at the end of the course are to be able to participate in the explosive safety of an ammunition depot and to contribute to manage safely the different activities: storage, handling, transport and in service support.

Main objectives are:

  • To acquire fundamental knowledge related to ammunition and explosive materials.
  • To identify the primary type of hazard to be expected in the event of an accident.
  • To identify different means of ammunition storage and the related activities.
  • To use the main international standards to calculate distances between buildings in such a way that they are safely located from each other.
  • To know the main principles to establish safety procedures.

Audience & Prerequisites

Up to 15 trainees.

Course content

Explosive materials and ammunition:

  • Explosive materials
  • Explosive material applications: munitions, warheads, rocket motors…
  • Accidents examples

International standards and recommendations:

  • UN Standards
  • NATO standards

Hazard division and classification:

  • Transport and storage classification
  • Classification and compatibility

Storage organisation:

  • Storage “Quantity Distances”
  • Aboveground storage
  • Storage buildings
  • Barricades

In service support organisation:

  • Workshop organisation
  • Handling practices and procedures
  • Service Life Management

Safety practices and procedures:

  • Lightning protection
  • Fire fighting
  • Best practices: principles and procedures