Acquisition process - From A to Z

Reference ARM-001-1222
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This training is the first part of the full master course on defense acquisition delivered by the DCI Defense Acquisition Management Institute (DAMI). It has been developed by DCI experts based on the most demanding standards of the French Defense Acquisition Agency (DGA).

The training course covers all essentials of the defense acquisition process including the identification of the main milestones, the role of the integrated project team and the interactions between the end-users, the acquisition agency and industry. In addition, the objective for the trainees is to master the different steps of the preparation phase, the engineering & manufacturing phase and the operations & support phase.

Upon completion of this training course, the trainees will have a better understanding of what is at stake and will improve their abilities in project management and produce better quality work and deliverables. This course is a fast track to improve the capacity of a  team to work together, sharing the same best practices.

This interactive course can be either taught face-to-face or in virtual classrooms.

Audience & Prerequisites

This training is specially designed for all category of people involved in a defense acquisition process. Having followed the “Acquisition process – online essentials” course and a fair knowledge of the English language are prerequisites.

Course content

Our course is based on an engineering process practiced by DGA, and segmented into three main phases: Preparation phase, Engineering & manufacturing phase and Operations & support phase. In addition, an introductory chapter provides the trainees with basic essentials.

The Introductory chapter presents the various concepts required for a comprehensive understanding of the acquisition process, particularly in terms of management.

The Preparation phase covers the stages of gathering and specifying the requirements necessary for contracting the defense acquisition project and selecting the manufacturer who will deliver the system.

The Manufacturing & engineering phase covers all stages between design by the industrial company and acceptance by the acquisition agency once the system has been produced.

The Operations & support phase corresponds to the life of the defense system following its operational acceptance by the armed forces. It includes all notions of support, maintenance, and mid-life upgrade, as well as the defense system’s disposal.