EWSC Officer

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This course aims at providing EW officers with the required knowledge and skills to ensure management functions in Electronic Warfare Support Centres and to conduct the implementation of the EW loop.

Focus is made on ELINT and COMINT reports processing, databases updates and technical analysis.

Audience & Prerequisites

Designed for officers already specialized in EW, this course requires a minimum experience of 2 years as EW officer at sea or in headquarters. An advanced qualification in EW would be a must.

This course requires a good knowledge in technical English language (sensors, weapons and operations vocabulary)

Course content

  • EWSC organization
  • EWSC databases
  • EWSC collection and analysis
  • ELINT & COMINT targets
  • Intelligence Loop
  • ES /EP / EA domains
  • Technical Analysis of waveforms
  • Parametric analysis of signal interception reports