EW Operational Planning

Reference EW-010-0323
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Advanced training in Electronic Warfare (EW) dedicated to the planning, conduct of intelligence and EW missions in the field of the Air Force. Browse and describe air force EW requirements and mission planning aspects.

Audience & Prerequisites

Designed for Aircrews, EW officers, EW specialists and engineers

Junior to senior officers

English intermediate level (B1/B2).

Course content

  • General approach to the composition and challenges of a modern air component
  • Overview of EW and traditional approach via the main pillars of EW (Support, Protection, Attack)
  • Prospects in the field of EW
  • The planning and conduct of Intelligence in EW missions
  • The electromagnetic spectrum, the intelligence cycle and the Command & Control (C2) needs
  • Actual organizational models
  • Electromagnetic intelligence collection techniques and the management of the collected data
  • EW techniques, whether in the area of EW support, attack or protection
  • Overview of modern threats and the necessary adaptation of EW means
  • Presentation of EW tutorials to illustrate and synthesize all the topics mentioned above

The training can be tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements (contents / duration).