EW Foundation

Reference EW-008-0323
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Strengthen the knowledge for a better understanding of the different fields of Electronic Warfare.

Undertake effective operational use and support of front-line EW systems; understand the issues related to the preparation and restitution of EW missions.

Audience & Prerequisites

Designed for civilian or military personnel, Aircrew “ear-marked” EW officers or non-commissioned officers.

Posted in EW centres or squadrons and hold an ab initio EW position.

English intermediate level (B1/B2).

Basic knowledge in science and electronics.

Course content

  • Mathematics & others scientific reminders
  • Mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum and military stakes
  • Principles of radar detection and radar techniques
  • Practical exercises related to radar and illustrate with Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Presentation of the various EW fields (Electronic Support, Electronic Attack and Electronic Protection)
  • The importance of Intelligence
  • The link between SIGINT and Electronic Warfare.
  • Air defence threats, their structure, classification and the related guidance process
  • Electro-Optical domain (IR, UV, laser, visible) in all its aspects (technical, operational and testing)
  • Techniques to counter Electro-Optical, Infrared, Ultraviolet and laser threats
  • Presentation of the French state-of-the-art concerning “off the shelf” EW equipment and systems
  • Electronic warfare threats and techniques involved in Air operations
  • Weapon system vulnerability and EW action efficiency
  • Methodology for Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) programming and flight reporting process
  • Practical examples with CBT tools

The training can be tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements (contents / duration).