EW Advanced

Reference EW-009-0323
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Enable the specialists to refresh their technical Radar, Radio and Electro-Optical (EO) knowledge and study related EW techniques.

Acquire comprehensive knowledge about modern Radar and advanced EW techniques & technology.

Have a presentation of the French state of the art concerning off-the-shelf EW equipment and systems.

Study operational use concepts of EW equipment and systems, and typical EW tactics.

Undertake an extensive operational training by simulation tools.

Audience & Prerequisites

Designed for aircrew “ear-marked” EW Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and engineers assigned in squadrons or EW centres and managing a team of EW/ECM specialists in dedicated EW units.

Course content

  • Mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum and military stakes
  • Advanced radar techniques and advanced techniques to counter radar threats
  • Practical exercises related to radar and Computer Based Training (CBT) illustration
  • Radio & COMINT techniques
  • Tactical and technical ELINT analysis – practical exercises on analysis tool
  • Infrared (IR) & Electro-Optical (EO) techniques
  • IR/EO countermeasures
  • Practical exercises related to IR domain with CBT illustration
  • New air defence threats and how EW is dealing with them
  • Presentation of the French state-of-the-art concerning “off the shelf” EW equipment and systems.
  • Advanced technology and solutions from French industry
  • Visit of French Air and Space Force operational units : EW Programming and Training Squadron (EWPTS) or EW Multinational Polygon (if available)
  • Weapon system vulnerability and EW action efficiency
  • EW threats and techniques involved in Air operations
  • Challenges for helicopters and transport aircraft protection
  • Challenges for fighter aircraft protection
  • Methods for programming self-protection systems
  • Practical examples with CBT tools

The training can be tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements (contents / duration).