ELINT Advanced Training

Reference EW-003-0222
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Manage ELINT Operators & Analysts teams.

This training is aimed at providing a detailed understanding of signal acquisition and processing from ELINT systems in order to proceed to their identification, classification and archiving in dedicated databases.

Audience & Prerequisites

Intended for ELINT analysts and EW data centre managers.

English intermediate level (B1/B2).

basic knowledge in science and electronics.

Mini-Maxi: 6-8 trainees.

Location: Paris and Brest.

Course content

The ELINT advanced training include the following areas:

  • EW threat architecture and description – Advanced radar threats.
  • EW in modern air operations (OODA loop, Network Centric Warfare).
  • Information warfare / Cyber-warfare.
  • Processing of the radar signal by the ELINT sensor.
  • ELINT analysis (technical & tactical).
  • Radar fingerprint / modulation / intra-pulse.
  • Data extraction and ELINT report.
  • Management of the EOB.
  • ELINT mission – Practical exercises on CBT.
  • Programming methods.
  • ELINT sensors: Thales solutions & advanced technologies.
  • EW library and database, technical and operational constraints.
  • Visit to an FAF unit.