Electronic Warfare Supervisor

Reference EW-015-0222
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This course aims at providing the required knowledge and skills to ensure the management of EW information and embarked EW equipment.

The EW supervisor must be able to act as main assistant and advisor of EW officers on board operational units.

Audience & Prerequisites

This course is dedicated to Petty Officers already specialized in EW and qualified as R-ESM and/or C-ESM operator. A minimum of 1-to-3 year of experience at sea is required.

This course requires a good level in technical English (sensors, weapons and operations vocabulary).

Course content

  • EW scientific fundamentals
  • EM wave properties and propagation
  • Above Water Warfare fundamentals
  • Radar and missile guidance techniques
  • Operational Signal Analysis
  • Electronic Attack (EA) & Integrated EW (Softkill)
  • Interception Reports
  • Tactical use of communication and radar EW information
  • Role & mission of the EWSC/EWOC