Electronic Warfare Basics Blended Training

Reference EW-025-0923
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  • Identify the tactical use of the Electronic Warfare, within conflict areas:
    • Anti-Surface Warfare: ASUW
    • Anti-Submarine Warfare: ASW
    • Anti-Air Warfare: AA>
  • Use the Electromagnetic spectrum
  • Intercepter and interpret radar parameters
  • Situate operators, officers and support team roles, in the Electronic Warfare loop

Audience & Prerequisites

  • Officers from « Operations » sector
  • Petty-officers from « Opérations » sector
  • Knowledge in sciences: general baccalaureate
  • General knowledge in air and sea operations

Basics of Electronic Warfare are introduced during this training. There is no necessity to be an EW specialist to apply.

Course content

  • General sciences update
  • Electronic Warfare Generalities
  • Signal Propagation
  • Radar Parameters
  • Radar features
  • Radar Electronic Support Measures (R-ESM)