COMINT Analyst Course

Reference EW-001-0222
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This expert course aims at providing to experienced EW personnel the required competences to conduct radio waveform analysis, based on state of the art technical tools to demodulate and to decode radio signals on the whole spectrum.

Emphasis is placed on off-line analysis method including waveform and data classification, up to database updating process.

Audience & Prerequisites

This course is designed for EW officers and Non-Commissioned Officers intended to be assigned as analysts in a Joint Electronic Warfare Support Center (JEWC), an Electronic Warfare Support or Operational Center (EWSC/EWOC) or Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell (EWCC) of any service or army.

The personnel selected for this course must be experienced in the EW field and be qualified as EW or EWSC officer or COMINT operator / EW Supervisor for the NCOs.

A good level in English language and in the scientific field is required.

Course content

  • Advanced scientific concepts
  • Spectrum users & propagation
  • Modulations and transmissions modes
  • Signal analysis
  • Code analysis
  • Modulations and transmissions modes
  • Reporting and updating process