Use Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles In Law Enforcement And Homeland Security Missions

Reference UAV-005-1221
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Train UAV operators on the technical and tactical use of UAVs in service in the French Gendarmerie. Technical aspects are based on the use of mini UAVs and all necessary air environment knowledge to fly safely in a limited zone. Tactical aspects focus on the use of mini UAVs in Law Enforcement missions and mission preparation.

Audience & Prerequisites

This course is intended for homeland security field units equipped with mini UAVs.

Trainees must be qualified as officers in order to integrate adequate legal aspects of the use of UAVs in peacetime homeland operations.

Up to 16 trainees.

Location: Gendarmerie training Air Command Unit (GI-CFAGN) Cazaux – LA TESTE (Gironde)

Course content

  • All related air environment knowledge.
  • Practical training on UAVs with tactical context.
  • Training on UAV.
  • Environment.
  • Use of several types of UAVs in service in the Gendarmerie: NX110, NX70, Black-Hornet.