Tactical UAV Basic & Advanced Training for land Forces officers

Reference UAV-006-0423
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The purpose of this Training is to provide the Trainees with :

  • A good understanding of doctrinal use of tactical UAV
  • Technical and tactical know-how for officers in charge of an electronic reconnaissance unit
  • Mission planning and operational management tools
  • Training syllabus based on French Land Forces tactical UAV training process

This Training session is applicable/dedicated to:

Tactical UAV, Mini UAV, Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing UAV training

Audience & Prerequisites

  • Intermediate level in English (B1) – Officer course
  • Experience within intelligence or reconnaissance unit, Basic knowledge in imagery intelligence
  • Number of trainees: Up to 8 trainees
  • Location: France or Partners’ country.

Course content

The training is divided into two parts corresponding to the technical and tactical aspects of the UAV system.

Each part will enclose different courses for Officers

The first stage (3 weeks) is dedicated to theoretical courses, based on the tactical employment and implementation of recognition and support UAV systems.

The second stage (3 weeks) is dedicated to the technical and practical employment of UAV reconnaissance systems.

This part of the program will allow the implementation of last generation tactical drone simulators, the use of modern teaching aids and the implementation of adapted tactical exercises. The real use of drone on an airfield allowing all the evolutions in the 3rd dimension will add strong added-value.