Senior Investigator Training (SIT)

Reference SAFE-009-0322
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  • To improve knowledge about the manage on a major investigation.
  • To have an up to date information about the Safety Management Systems in operations.
  • To be able to understand accident survival aspects.
  • To be aware of media and family management.

Audience & Prerequisites

Civil and military personnel selected to lead a major national or a multinational accident investigation with multidisciplinary teams.

Have an investigator background Multinational course, English intermediate level (B1/B2).

Duration: 4 days – 24 hours.

Course content

  • Safety Concepts : Human Factors, Safety Culture and Just Culture
  • Management of large teams on a major investigation.
  • To be able to understand the contribution of the forensic doctor to the investigation and accident survival aspects.
  • Management of media and families during investigation.
  • Safety Management System and Safety Risk Management: Understand how operators manage their safety risks.
  • Practical exercises and case studies.

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