Safety Commanders Course (SCC)

Reference SAFE-007-0322
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  • To have a full understanding of a risk management process.
  • To understand the Human and Organisational Factors including Fatigue / Stress management
  • To have an up to date information about incident and accident prevention as well as change management on safety risk.
  • To provide decision making and problem solving tools.

Audience & Prerequisites

All high ranking managers, officers in charge of aviation safety supervision at company, HQ or Airbase level and who are already trained on FSO or SMS.

This course is customized in order to cover the various aspects of risk management and constantly adapted during the stay to meet trainees’ requirements.

Multinational course, English intermediate level (B1/B2).

Duration: 4,5 days – 27 hours.

Course content

  • Management and Safety: basic concepts, accident prevention models, Just Culture and Safety Culture.
  • Organisation of a Safety Management System.
  • Human and Organisational Factors including Fatigue and Stress management.
  • Managing an event investigation (use of Human Factors Analysis and Classification System).
  • Safety Risk Management: a risk management program as an integral part of an accident prevention program, financial impacts, Safety Risk Management process, building a Safety Risk Management program.
  • Safety Risk Management process : change management and deviation management.
  • Practical exercises and case studies.