High Level Staff Officers Training

Reference UAV-001-0423
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The “High Level Staff Officers Training” provides comprehensive knowledge on RPAS doctrines, employment and prospective issues with a strong focus on Lessons Learned from recent conflicts.

This Training aims to prepare Armed Forces Staff Officers to understand the wide-range of key technological possibilities and constraints to match RPAS acquisition and development programs.

This Training session is applicable/dedicated to:

  • Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV.
  • Tactical UAV.
  • Mini UAV, Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing UAV training.

Audience & Prerequisites

The “High level staff officers training course” program has been tailored-made in cooperation with the French Air and Space Force RPAS Centre of Excellence to suit military and civilian needs.

Intermediate level in English (B1).

Up to 12 trainees.

Course content

  • WEEK 1: Training
    • Courses.
    • Theory; Methodology.
    • Best practices (with case studies).
    • On-site workshops and visits.
  • WEEK 2: Visits
    • UAV industrial manufacturers.
    • UAV Test and Training Center.

      UAV Simulation.