Fighter Controller_Advanced course

Reference ACT-005-0222
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  • Master communication standards in complex missions training (up to 10 a/c).
  • Have the minimum knowledge to understand the mission environment.
  • Develop tactical skills to provide the best service safely.
  • Develop proactivity and relevancy to meet the needs of pilots.

Audience & Prerequisites

Officers and NCOs with Basic Qualification (able to manage up to 2v2 mission).

English intermediate level (B1/B2).

Multinational or National course.

Mini-maxi : 4-6 trainees.

Course content

A large part of the training is dedicated to simulated hands-on work (75%)

The training covers the following items:

  • Theoretical:
    • Phraseology & standard communication procedures.
    • Command & Control.
    • Weapons systems, Air assets & surface threats.
  • Practical:
    • The training is divided into 2 phases:
      1. Picture 3 groups diffusion as DCA or OCA.
      2. Picture 4 groups diffusion as DCA or OCA.

Particular attention is directed to mission preparation.

A thorough mass-debriefing using a recording of the mission, allows students and instructor to review all perfectible moments of the mission.

Next sessions

  • Of. 04/03/2024
    At. 29/03/2024
    6 Available seats
  • Of. 01/04/2024
    At. 26/04/2024
    4 Available seats
  • Of. 10/06/2024
    At. 05/07/2024
    6 Available seats
  • Of. 02/09/2024
    At. 27/09/2024
    6 Available seats