Drone Accident Investigation Techniques (DIT)

Reference SAFE-013-0322
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  • To have a practical and updated training on drone accident investigation, regulations, preliminary measures, search for evidences and causes and safety recommendation.
  • To understand the investigation process as well as the role of experts and members of an investigation committee.
  • To be able to participate as an advisor in a RPAS safety investigation.

Audience & Prerequisites

This training is intended for any person who might take part in drone accident investigations: manufacturers, airlines, military or civilian authorities, air traffic control, airport managers, insurers, jurists and aeronautical experts.

Multinational course, English intermediate level (B1/B2).

Duration: 4,5 days – 27 hours.

Course content

  • Basics on accident prevention: the accident continuum, the sequence of events and the accident mechanism, systemic causation.
  • Aviation accident investigation: International and European regulations, responsibilities, National specifications, Military specificities.
  • Drones investigation techniques: aerodynamics, operations principles, systems’ configuration, RPAS particularities.
  • Human Factors: performances, stress and fatigue management, situation awarness, crew communication, CRM, decision making process, drones and ordnances.
  • Case studies.

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