Digital Ground School

Reference UAV-010-0923
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The online Drone Digital Ground School aims to deliver comprehensive UAV education through Digital means. The objective of the Drone Digital Ground Course is to refresh and adapt the general aeronautical knowledge of the Trainees to the complex environment of the future UAV crewmember. This Course is based on Aviation Theory and UAV Fundamentals.

Audience & Prerequisites

This course is designed for future UAV pilots or sensor operators who wish to acquire a broad and in-depth knowledge, particularly of the use of MALE UAVs.

A fair knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite (B2 Level). Trainees should also have basic scientific knowledge in the field of calculation and physics in order to be able to understand the scientific notions included in the courses.

Course content

  • UAV Presentation (Introduction to UAS, Classification, Different type of UAS,…)
  • Airlaw (ICAO, Rules of the Air, Navigation services, Air Traffic Management,…)
  • Communication (Radio Spectrum, Phraseology, VFR COM, IFR COM,…)
  • Datalink (LOS, SATCOM,…)
  • Flight planning (Task, Domestics, Tactical Preparation,…
  • Human performance (Physiology, Psychology,…)
  • Instrumentation (Sensor and instruments, Autoflight system, Alerting systems,…)
  • Laser Principles (Laser description, Laser Problems…)
  • Mass and Balance (Mass limitations, CG limitations,…)
  • Meteorology (METAR, TAF, SIGWX, WINTEM)
  • Mission Planning (4T’s Method, Briefing, Flight Safety,…)
  • Navigation (Coordinates, orientation, Charts, Nav calculation)
  • Principle of Flight (Lift and Drag, Propeller, windshear,…)
  • Radionavigation (Radio Theory, Radar, GPS, FMS, …)
  • Sensors (EO sensors, IR sensors)