Bloodborne Pathogens Protection (BPP)

Reference SAFE-014-0322
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  • To be familiarized with “Bloodborne Pathogens”.
  • To be trained who are at risk, how to protect themselves, how to behave on an accident site.

Audience & Prerequisites

All Accident Investigators and personnel having access to an accident site or in contact with materials coming from the site.

Multinational course, English intermediate level (B1/B2).

Duration: 0.5 day – 3.5 hours.

Course content

  • Biohazards associated with aircraft accident investigation.
  • Procedures to control exposure to Bloodborne pathogens in an accident investigation.
  • Modes of Bloodborne pathogen transmissions.
  • Exposure control plan.
  • Recognition of biohazards.
  • HBV vaccination.
  • Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Exposure incidents.