Fighter Controller: Airspace Sovereignty module

Reference ACT-007-0923


  • The objective of the « Sovereignty of Airspace » training is to put in place the fundamentals of the Air Defense and in particular, its part related to the actions allowing the enforcement of the airspace sovereignty :
    • Assimilate the methodology for conducting airspace surveillance,
    • Master the classic intercept geometries and responsibilities when posted,
    • Understand the importance of priorities in control actions (flight safety),
    • Review general Air Defense procedures.

Audience & Prerequisites

  • Officers and NCOs fighter controllers dedicated to work in control centers.
  • English intermediate level (B1/B2).
  • 4 trainees maximum.

Course content

The training includes a theoretical part and a practical part.

Theoretical :

  • Surveillance of airspace or area
  • Methods of interception
  • Associated intercept geometries
  • Feedback in the Air Defence reporting chain
  • Quick Reaction Alert (QRA)

Practical :

A large part of the training is dedicated to the acquisition of practical know-how.

The practical phase includes different parts :

  • Navigation
  • Basic interception geometry
  • Flight safety
  • Sky police
  • Tactical situation broadcasting.